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The Health Knowledge Network
Illustrated tips and articles about exercise, strength training and bodybuilding, sports fitness, sports nutrition, motivation, stress management, relaxation, and health.
101 Weight Loss Articles
A collection of articles written by experts in the areas of diet, exercise, nutrition and weight loss.
Information on weight loss and dieting. Includes diet tips, goal planners, calorie and protein calculators, weight loss tools.
A Woman's Heart - Should You Diet to Lose Weight?
Advice on whether one should lose weight and how to go about losing weight.
Advanced Health & Life Extension
An article discussing a system for losing weight and extending life span.
Body Composition For Health, Fitness and Sport
Articles on what is the best way to calculate body fat.
Body For Life Is A Sensible Diet And Exercise Program
Brief overview that describes the diet and exercise routines, and critiques potential shortcomings of the program.
Diet Bites
Articles relating to diet, nutrition, exercise and health.
Diet Blog
Dieting and weight loss news and links.
DrumLib's Health Research Review.
Research-based information on obesity, thermogenesis, stacking, and alternative medicine.
Get Real Approach to Weight Loss
Noncommercial site takes realistic look at weight-loss for ordinary people.
HCG and Obesity Treatment
Discusses the oral administration of Human Choriogonadotropin by dieting obese patients.
How Stuff Works: Dieting
Reviews various dieting methods and weight loss myths.
Read articles on health, nutrition, and fitness written by health experts.
Link Between Diets and Diseases
Article discusses link between diets and diseases including cancer, heart diseases, and kidney problems.
Lose Body Weight
Articles describe changes in lifestyle that will assist with weight management.
Steps Toward A Healthier Life
Manage weight, body fat, hydration, body composition. Describes body composition and health risk and why we check the body composition and percent of body fat using body fat scales.
The Diet Bible
Unbiased information on weight loss and weight maintenance for women, men and children.
Vegetarian Diet Info
Short articles on weight loss and diet nutrition for vegetarian and part-vegetarian eaters. Includes sample vegetarian diet plans plus body mass index chart.
Weight Loss Advice
Article explaining how people are subconsciously driven to eat more in a futile attempt to obtain the nutrients our body requires for optimum functioning. The excess of empty calories exacerbates any weight problem.
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