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Home : Services : Drug Testing : Detoxification
offers home drug testing kits and detox programs.
420 Drug Test
offers rapid detox solutions that remove or mask all drug metabolites to pass any urine, blood, hair follicle, or saliva drug test. Owned by A & B Detox, Inc.
420 Party Drug Testing
offers detoxification products to pass hair, blood, or urine drug tests.
offers a concealable and complete urine substitution kit.
Body Cleansers
offers detoxification products to pass drug tests. Includes blood, saliva, hair, and urine drug testing products.
features water pipes, casual urban clothing, body jewelry, street and skate shoes, sunglasses, detoxification products, and more.
Clean 'n Clear
offers a drug testing and detoxification package.
Clean Machine Detox Solutions
offers detoxification products to pass any random drug screen test including urine, blood, and hair analysis drug screening and testing.
Clear Choice of New York
offers a variety of testing kits and products for passing hair and urine drug tests. Also provides information about detection periods and false positves.
offers urine additives and detoxification products for drug testing.
Drug Testing Advice
offers a report giving advice on drug testing.
Drug Testing Solutions
sells natural supplements and products to eliminate drug traces and to detoxify the body.
sells an array of detoxification products and drug tests with a guarantee on results.
I Passed My Drug Test
offers same day and permanent detoxification solutions to pass urinalysis, blood, hair follicle, and saliva drug tests.
sells the Grass Hopper, a chewable tablet designed to block THC from passing through the urine of the body.
Mystique Urine Transport System (UTS)
heated urine transport system designed to help its users pass drug tests.
Negative Drug
Offering products to help pass drug tests for marijuana, cocaine, vicodin, opiates, and other drugs.
manufactures and sells the Klear line of detoxification products.
Pass a Drug Test Marijuana Urine Detox Kit
offers detox drinks and shampoo products engineered to help pass a urine, blood, or hair tests for thc, cocaine, opiates, or other drugs.
Pass Any Drug Test
offers a variety of drug testing detox products, including permanent body cleansers, shampoos, additives, and carbo shakes.
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