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Filter Water is Essential
Pure Water is Essential for Good Health Considering the quality of tap water today, the need to filter water is growing.
Virgin Coconut Oil
They offer a pure, unrefined virgin coconut oil made by Centrifugal Force. They also offer a very nice virgin coconut oil made using the Traditional Philippine Fermentation Process. Both of these processes yield a pure, extra virgin, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil.
Alternative Natural Health
Discusses how natural trace elements in the diet can prevent cancers, Arthritis, MS, Leukemia and most autoimmune diseases.
Coconut Connections
Researched information about the health benefits of coconut oil in the diet.
Provides independent test results and information to help consumers and healthcare professionals evaluate health, wellness.
Dr. Gonzalez's Nutritional Regimen
Offers an aggressive nutritional protocol for patients with Cancer and other degenerative diseases.
Food Issues in Human and Veterinary Medicine
This site addresses the vital relationship between foods and the diseases that plague mankind and their pets, including allergies and autoimmune disorders.
Hengshui Shanzhi Health Drink Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of barley leaf green products, dried herbal extracts, and other plant powders.
MetaMetrix Nutrition Resource
Provides info regarding aspects of nutritional science, including wellness and disease treatment, for individuals and healthcare professionals.
Nutrition, Health and Heart Disease
Public interest page with heart and health tips about foods, vitamins and supplements, with their effect on cardiovascular problems.
A new federal resource providing accurate scientific information on nutrition and dietary guidance for the public.
The Juice Guy
Offers information on nutrition-related illnesses and anti-aging, water filtration, and food supplement products.
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