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Treatment Centers (27)
Accuray - CyberKnife? - Enabling full-body stereotactic radiosurgery using image-guided robotic
Accuray manufactures and sells the CyberKnife, a non-invasive frameless radiosurgical device that enables stereotactic radiosurgery anywhere in the body using image-guided robotics.
Afab Technology & RT Tecnincal Services
New, Used, and refurbished radiotherapy systems, including linear accelerators, cobalt, simulators, superficial/orthovoltage and other goods and services for the radiation therapy department.
American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO)
Medical society site for members and non-members of American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology providing current and updated information relating to radiation oncology including news releases.
Beampoint device for prostate localization
The Beamcath method enhances external beam placement during prostate cancer treatment, thereby lowering the risk of radiation complications in adjacent organs.
Beatriz Amendola, MD PA
These South Florida clinics treat prostate, breast, pediatric, and brain cancers and Trigeminal Neuralgia with brachytherapy, Gamma Knife, Cyber Knife and MammorSite techniques. English and Spanish website.
British Laser Charity of Surgical Equipment & Research
BLASER charity helps to develop and purchase new medical equipment for Cancer treatments. Urology, Gynaecology, Oncology, Nuclear Medicine, Fibroids, Prostate, Brachytherapy
CancerAblation is dedicated to the treatment of cancer by Radiofrequency Ablation.
CPRS - Comprehensive Physics & Regulatory Services, LTD
CPRS (in Maryland) provides medical physics services to the radiation oncology community including: full and part time on-site physics; quality assurance, acceptance and commissioning services; physician peer review; online treatment planning and Brachytherapy.
CyberKnife? Society Stereotactic Radiosurgery System
CyberKnife Society provides patient information and brings together professionals to foster the exchange of clinical radiosurgery information.
Elaisee Liquid Ionization Chamber
The liquid ionization chamber is a probe for high accuracy measurements of the absorbed dose in radiation fields for radiotherapy and radiography, IV-brachytherapy radiosurgery and CT-scanner.
IV Symposium on Medical Physics 2003 - Ustron Poland
November 13-15, 2003. Bioelektromagnetism, Biomedical Optics, Biophysical and Biochemical Measurement. Educational Aspects in Medical Physics, Medical Imaging and Computing, Medical Engineering, Physical Therapy, Radioprotection and Radiotherapy.
John Gwozdz, M.D., radiation oncologist
Information on the treatment of cancer with radiation, how to choose a radiation oncologist, and frequently asked questions about radiation therapy.
Johns Hopkins University
The department of Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences is dedicated to the advancement of cancer treatment through radiation therapy, research and technology and strives to provide the best in patient care and excellence in education.
Molecular Radiation Biology Lab University Clinic Freiburg
Offers research meetings and projects, publications, journals, links and contact details.
Radiation Medical Group, Inc.
Information about radiation therapy for cancer patients in San Diego, California.
Radiation Therapy and What You Need to Know
Get the right information you need to make your treatment easier. Get answers to common questions and concerns that make a positve treatment difference.
Radiation Therapy Oncology Group
The NCI-funded RTOG runs nationwide cancer treatment studies that allows results from multiple clinics to be collected en masse.
Stereotactic Radiosurgery Clinical Program in Australia
Our program has been responsible for the treatment of more patients than any other in Australia, and the development of more advanced techniques.
University Medical Center in Utrecht, Netherlands
Information for patients and health care professionals [in Dutch], as well as research information with an emphasis on hyperthermia research [in English].
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