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Home : Diseases and Conditions : Eye Disorders

Aniridia (1) Microphthalmia (2)
Blindness (60) Nystagmus (3)
Cataract (2) Organizations (14)
Color Blindness (3) Refractive Errors (4)
Computer Vision Syndrome (2) Retina (18)
Cornea (6) Squint (2)
Glaucoma (12) Trachoma (2)
Low Vision (8) Uveitis (3)
Care For Your Eyes
Eye care, diseases, and conditions. Includes an eye dictionary, current news articles, and a newsletter.
source of information on vision science, vision testing technology, contrast sensitivity, and functional vision.
Doctor Ergo
self-assessed vision and workplace tests for computer users in order to identify and fix the causes of their problems with Computer Vision Syndrome.
Provides information on causes and the latest advances in treatment.
Eye Disease Simulator
Provides a view of what various eye diseases, look like through the eyes of the afflicted.
Eye Floaters Information Centre
Provides articles, simulations and information..
Dedicated to the education of the eye care consumer, written and prepared exclusively by board-certified ophthalmologists. Database of ocular diseases, their causes, treatments and surgical options.
Deals with common eye diseases/conditions/problems. Visitors can also ask questions.
For Your Eyes
Provides information, symptoms, causes and treatment ideas for eye diseases and disorders.
Krukenberg's Spindle and Pigment Dispersion Syndrome
Specific information about diagnosis and treatment of these disorders.
Support, advice, and tips for those who have lost an eye or about to loose an eye through a medical procedure.
information about prevention of retinal detachment for very myopic(nearsighted) and at risk people.
A guide to visual symptoms and their possible causes.
Vision Loss FYI
information on vision loss and eye diseases including macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy.
Visual Field Test
offers an online version of the Damato Multifixation Campimeter test designed to detect defects in your visual field.
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