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Home : Diseases and Conditions : Cancer : Prevention and Treatment

Chemotherapy (4) Radiation (2)
Alternative Cancer Treatment
offers alternative cancer treatments and supplements as well as online nutritional consultations.
Alternative Cancer Treatments
health care professionals offer alternative treatments with integrative therapies at holistic cancer clinics.
American Institute for Cancer Research
Provides information on diet and prevention. Located in the District of Columbia.
Angiogenesis Foundation
provides cancer patients with information on the field of angiogenesis (new drugs, clinical trials, local hospital programs).
Annie Appleseed Project
provides news, views, and information about complementary and alternative cancer therapies from a patient's perspective.
Asbestos Cancer Removal
Asbestos Cancer can be removed. You can get free info about Asbestos Cancer Removal in this site.
BEXXAR Therapeutic Regimen
approved by the FDA for the treatment of patients with CD20 positive, follicular, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (with and without transformation) whose disease is refractory to Rituximab and has relapsed following chemotherapy.
Biomira, Inc.
Dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
Burdette Medical Systems
develops minimally invasive techniques for detecting, diagnosing, and treating early-stage cancer, including prostate cancer.
Cancer Decisions
offering alternative treatment information for patients from Dr. Ralph Moss.
Cancer Prevention National Newsletter and Web Site
Cancer prevention news and information from New York Presbyterian Hospital
Cancer Symptoms
Symptoms, diagnosis, staging, treatment and prevention of many types of cancer.
dedicated to the treatment of cancer by radiofrequency ablation (RFA).
develops a method and apparatus for cancer treatment through selective cell destruction.
Commercial service offering a panel of serum markers with the aim of early detection.
Provides information about prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and symptom management. Offers access to news, support groups and email lists.
Discusses common symptoms related to cancer treatment. Provides email access to a nurse for questions.
CanHelp, Inc.
a cancer treatment information service that assists patients in making informed decisions regarding treatments.
information on EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) research and its clinical application for the treatment of cancer.
GEIPE Cancer Treatment
non-toxic, non-invasive cancer treatment employing gentle electrotherapy.
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