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Vitamins for Skin Care - Vitamins Which Protect your Skin

Vitamins affect all types of skin greatly. Inadequate supply of vitamin may actually make the skin dull and rough. Various studies have been conducted to ensure the benefits of vitamins for skin care. If you really care for a healthy skin, quite naturally you need to supply your system a variety of vitamins. Most importantly, researchers put their emphasis on vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin D - they suggest these are most effective vitamins for skin care.

Skin and Antioxidants

Free radicals are the precariously malformed variety of oxygen that may trigger various skin and health complications such as wrinkles, inflammation, visible lines and ageing in general. Antioxidants help protect skin damage from free radicals.
Vitamin E and vitamin C consist of antioxidant properties, and these two useful nutrients are mostly found in citrus foods and vegetables.

Studies suggest that vitamin A protect the skin from sun damage. On the other hand, vitamin C helps in skin healing. Furthermore, it is also suggested that vitamin C can enter through skin layers and it helps in healing damaged tissues under the visible skin layer. Vitamin D can be absorbed by the outer layer of the skin and aid in healing of the skin especially when applied in combination with vitamin A.

So, we can easily understand effectiveness of vitamins for skin care. Now let us move in discussing the contribution of each of the vitamins in more details.

Vitamin A

This is one of the essential vitamins for skin care. It has a direct and profound influence over the skin. Both inadequate and excess supply may cause harmful effect over the skin. Synthetic vitamin A can be applied directly over the inflamed skin area caused by acne, spotted pigmentation or skin wrinkling. A systematic use of vitamin A may also help prevent certain type of skin cancers.

Vitamin B

Many studies argued that vitamin B -3 and vitamin B-5 help preserve moisture in. It is a known fact that a well-hydrated skin has the less probability to become aggravated. Vitamin B actually does this job nicely. Also it is found that vitamin B exfoliates dead cells from the skin area so that the skin looks livelier.

Vitamin C

It is commonly known as ascorbic acid. This is one of the important vitamins for skin care in terms of playing significant role in healing damaged skin. It is particularly beneficial in healing wounds in the skin area. Vitamin C supplements are used in preventing scurvy as well. Several studies suggest that systematic usage of vitamin C may actually help in nourishing and rejuvenating skin from inside and help it looking younger than usual. It functions by activating the oxidizing property of the skin on which it is actually focused.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is synthesized in our body cells itself in the presence of sun light. Vitamin D is known to play its role as an antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic substance. It affects skin pigmentation. It is absorbed by the skin, so external application of vitamin D affects skin health greatly. However, you should avoid taking vitamin D in large dosages because large dosage may result in toxicity. However, sunbathing doesn't necessarily mean to mega dosages.

Vitamin E

One of the essential vitamins for skin care, vitamin E functions as an antioxidant. Likewise any antioxidants, it helps put off free radicals and hence provide a sheath against skin damage. Primarily the skin damages caused by sun burn can be alleviated naturally with the help of vitamin E. Current researchers are continuously putting their effort in investigating various other health benefits associated with vitamin E.

In recent years, vitamins have become the latest trend in the beauty markets. They are really popular and the market is continuously expanding. However, we should always remember that if we lack a healthy diet and regular exercise, there is no possibility that we will get a healthy body or a healthy skin.

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