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Pressure And Expectations Connected To Acne

Every year there are more and more cases of people going into depression and other psychological ailments. And a majority of these are people who have low self esteem, this could be due to various reasons. Anything from being unhappy in a relationship, being overweight to being bogged down by acne. Yes, you heard it right.

People get affected deep because of the plaguing problems caused by acne and other such boils. If they discover these little zits on their face, they feel their life has ended, or they cannot go out and face the world. Looks and appearances are given so much importance that humans fail to realize there is more to a person than looks.

A person might be beautiful but not brainy at all, and vice versa.
External appearances have no connection with a person's personality, but unfortunately school children don't think of all these before teasing someone.

A girl or boy upon spotting

a zit will want the world to open and gobble them up, or hide somewhere till the pimple goes away. And if the day is very important, like being prom night or they have a big date, they wish they could disappear rather than face their date with the ugly thing on their face. Little do these teenagers understand that it is ok to have a pimple or two, it does make them a bad person, nor will it take away their friends. It is however very sad to watch some of them go through trauma over acne. Some kids go to the extent of hating themselves and don't like to look at the mirror and get angry, irritable and annoyed over nothing. These are all ideal symptoms of depression over something. Parents need to be understanding and help their children go through the phase by letting them know it is not the end of the world.

High expectation from parents, peer pressure are all factors that drives a person to get stressed out and fall ill. They tend to have panic attacks if they feel they are less than perfect, for to them it might mean having to take abuses from their over expecting parents. Acnes are boils that erupt on the skin's outer layer as a result of all this stress. The body cannot take it anymore and it explodes, almost like a volcano with bubbling lava that just erupts one day out of the blue. Every year millions of dollars are spent in research to find that perfect cure for acne and cysts, but there are millions of people around the world who are going through a time as we speak. Even though these zits have no major implications on a person's health, they seem to cause severe emotional issues where in the person withdraws and goes into a shell. To help them overcome this, parents and friends must encourage them to come out more, not shy away and let them know they are as pretty as they were earlier.

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