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Mind Machines (6) Stress Reduction (5)
Mountain Valley Center
Specializing in Unique Gifts and Services for Well Being including chakra gemstones, singing bowls, Energy & Sound Healing, fountains, Labyrinths, Feng Shui Products, Energy SourceBook Workshops & Certified Facilitator of mature Learning on-line course.
Mountain Valley Center
Specializing in Unique Gifts and Services for Well Being including chakra gemstones.
Boutique apothecary where you will find botanical skin care, herbal teas, salves and balms, aromatherapy air spritzers, smelling salts, mineral bath salts, massage oils and more.
Natural Emporium
offers natural and organic products, air and water purifiers, healthy snacks, and more.
offer medicinal hormonal creams for anti-aging, arthritis, HRT alternatives, migraine relief, skin treatment, and more.
Norman Spence
designs and develops natural health remedies specializing in relief for arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, sciatica.
producer of a range of oxygen enriched products.
naturally oxygenated water for improving the immune system, reducing bacteria, yeast, and fungus.
Oxygen Bar
provides equipment for oxygen bars including generators, aroma stations, chairs, and furniture for hotels, wellness centers, and more.
Pain Ease
organic microwaveable moist heat and freezer cold pack/wrap.
treats pain without medication utilizing the technology of TNS/TENS.
If you are looking for natural health care products, if you want some honest and tested natural health information.
Precision Pill Splitters
designs and manufactures precision pill splitters that halve and quarter prescription medications.
Prolex Height Booster
growth nutrition to help you grow taller.
Protonics Neuromuscular System
re-educates the core stabilizing muscles of the body. It corrects the root cause of knee and back pain, sciatica, patellar-femoral, and scoliosis.
Q-Ray Ionized Bracelets
Q-Ray balances your body's negative (Yin) and positive (Yang) energies. When your Yin and Yang are balanced, your body performs at optimum levels. Try Q-Ray and see for yourself! Deep discounts and free shipping.
Quality Life International
manufactures, designs, and markets personal healthcare products aimed at promoting holistic medicine and natural alternatives.
Developer and marketer of diversified health products, including the Cold-Eeze family of zinc gluconate glycine lozenges, gums, and tablets.
RainTree River Joint-astic Creme
offers a cream containing glucosamine, emu oil, and MSM to provide relief for people with arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, sports injuries, painful knees, and muscles stress.
offers rudraksha beads for healing and well being.
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