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Affordable Light Therapy
offers desk lamps, lightboxes, dawn simulators, books, and other therapeutic devices and information.
Alaska Northern Lights
Information and products for the treatment of SAD, PMS, sleep disorders, depression, and jet lag with bright light therapy boxes.
Alda Light Therapy
sells LED instruments for photon energy absorbtion.
Amjo Lights
provides light boxes, lamps, and other products for treatment of SAD.
Distributor of Ott-Lite True Color products.
manufactures products that assist in coping with winter depression and sleep disorders.
Enlightened Technologies Associates
specializing in the development, production and sales of portable light therapy devices that address human circadian problems.
offering broad-spectrum systems.
Full Spectrum Solutions
Manufacturer of full spectrum lights and lamps.
Health Light Inc.
light therapy products for the treatment of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
Light Box Research Solutions
Provides light therapy products to help alleviate the winter blues, seasonal depression, and sleep disorders.
Light Therapy Products
offers light box, dawn simulator, light visor, books, and more for individuals suffering from seasonal affective disorder depression.
offers products that utilize LEDs to produce low-level infrared light which helps to elevate muscle tissue temperature and increase circulation.
Mind Body Healing
colored light therapy promotes health of mind, body and spirit as an alternative healing treatment or holistic medicine in Chinese medicine (Ayurveda healing).
Morning StarLight
offers a personal, private light screen which provides light therapy.
Northern Light Technologies
offering the SADelite, a portable desk lamp that yields 10,000 lux of diffuse light, used to treat seasonal affective disorder.
Outside In
offers light therapy devices to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD), jetlag, and other bodyclock related problems.
SunBox Company
Sunnex Biotechnologies
offers low-intensity light therapy for SAD, winter weight gain, winter depression, PMS, and sleep disorders.
Sunrise Simulator
light therapy aid for: shift workers, SAD sufferers, jet lag and depression caused by winter blues.

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