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Alternative Cancer Treatment (11) Resources (37)
Organizations (11) Training and Development (72)
Addiction Treatment
Drug and alcohol addiction treatment, making connections for recovery.
Peaceful Mind
Alternative methods, resources on therapies, and products for healing mind, body, spirit.
Power of Love Holistic Healing
An alternative look at behavior therapy, hypnosis and weigh loss.
Quantum Hologram Bio-Cybernetics
The therapy of the interactive, analogical bio-information. A corrector of the errors in the psychosomatic system.
Quasar Natural Healing
Patricia Hellinger teaches, lectures, and provides counseling services on using the natural power of the mind to heal the body.
Reliable Holistic Medicine
Holistic medicine newsletter archive.
Provides information about Rolfing (structural integration), which promotes well-being by enhancing the body's pattern of organization.
Holistic healing, alternative medicines, nutrition and recipes, health queries, remedies and lifestyles. Includes ayurveda, yoga, massage, panchakarma, music therapy, colour therapy.
Savvy Patients
Source of information for alternative and mainstream medicine, including causes, prevention and treatment options for various illnesses and conditions.
Share Guide's
A holistic health and alternative medicine directory
Shealy Healthnet
dedicated to holistic health through workshops, wellness center and clinic, and Holos Institute programs.
Solutions for thyroid disorders, hypothyroid, hyperthyroid info
Info on natural treatment of various thyroid disorders.
SpaceAge Natural Health and Beauty Care
Information on biomagnetics, aromatherapy, herbs, and alternative medicine.
offers holistic healing and witchcraft education, including online courses.
SunFlower Haven, Inc.
Non-profit organization whose mission is to operate and maintain a sanctuary of health and wellness that offers innovative healing programs and services promoting the well being of children and adults.
t h e d o c t o r w i t h i n
Providing referenced, scientific data on a variety of holistic and alternative medicine topics.
TaiChi-Qigong Health Centre
Promoting a better understanding of alternative disciplines for a healthier longer life.
specialize in all-natural products for the body, spirit, and home.
The Art of Managing Stress
Provides information on natural methods of stress management.
The Healing Way
Provides holistic healing information on a variety of topics.
The Holistic Center
Provides a variety of alternative health information and links, as well as referrals to therapists in the UK.
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