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Health Pearls
Welcome to Larry and K-bird's Health Pearls domain, where you will find gems for your body, heart, mind and spirit.
Alternative Healing
Self healing through chakra meditation and aura balancing with a quartz crystal.
Ananda's Crystal Cottage
Crystals, healing crystals, and ancient healing stones. Specializing in personal stone journeys.
Angelite Om
Angelite Om is a company specializing in Angelite.
Astro Clinic
Healing chronic diseases with gem therapy,an alternative medicine.
Atlantis Crystal Healing
The college teaches reiki, seichem, sound, meditation, crystal healing, languages of light and chakra healing to master and teacher levels.
Describes the location, properties, and colors of the seven chakras. Lists their associated crystals and stones.
College of Crystal Therapy
The Vantol College of Crystal Therapy offers full training in Crystal Healing Therapies.The site offers general as well as course information
Crystal Creations by Tom Struble
one of a kind quartz crystal pendants, talismans, jewelry, meditation, massage and healing tools.
Crystal Energy
Health by stones selected natural crystals for health and meditation.
Crystal Lotus Jewelry
specializes in semi-precious stones, pendants, antique pieces, and tribal prayer beads crafted into jewelry blessed with reiki and whamanic healing energy.
Crystal Stargazer
Providing Crystals, Gemstones or minerals chosen for their Healing properties.
Crystal Worlds
Explanation of crystal energy, meanings of various crystals. Information on how to work with Crystals.
Crystalis Institute
Crystalis Institute is an educational and spiritual institution dedicated to serving the Light.
Crystals and Mineral Specimens
Photographic images of 1000's of crystals and mineral specimens.
Basic starter course in crystal therapy via internet.
European College of Vibrational Medicine
Vibrational medicine training online.
Gem and Gemstone Therapy
Resource for information on gem and gemstone therapy.
International Association of Crystal Healing Therapists
includes a register of practitioners and events list.
Kacha Stones
Selection of healing crystals, many hand mined and celtic.
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