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Home > Alternative Medicine > Fasting and Cleansing > Colonic Cleansing

Prime Pacific Health Innovations Corporation
PPHIC is the leading manufacturer of state of the art Professional Colon Hydrotherapy and Home Enema equipment.
Body Harmony
offering colon cleansing, therapeutic massage, and related services.
ButtCandle, Inc
gentle alternative to laxatives, enemas, and anti-flatuence pills.
Colon 8 Colon Cleanser
relies on a combination of herbs and healthy bacteria to cleanse the colon of putrefied fecal matter, parasites, and foul material.
Colon Health
Nutritional Consultant, Colon Therapist assists your health and healing-candidiasis, cancer, chronic fatigue, intestional disorders, diabetes, other imbalances-hard to find health products.
Colon Health Network
presents natural health alternatives, colon hydrotherapy, health reports, body fitness profiles, and natural health products.
Colon Therapy Journal
provides articles relating to colon therapy, enemas, and colonic irrigation.
Colonblow, Inc.
Natural, aggressive approach to colon health.
Dotolo Colon Hydrotherapy Systems
offering equipment, supplies, and training.
offers enemas, laxatives, and colonic cleansing supplies to professionals and consumers.
Enema Tips
describes equipment and procedures for administering and receiving an enema.
source for enema related supplies and information.
offers enema bags and related equipment for body and colonic detoxification, colon cleansing, and colonic hydrotherapy.
Home Colonics Co.
offering colon hydrotherapy kits.
HPS Online
educational materials, tips, and colon cleansing products available.
Internal Cleansing Dynamics
selling enema and colonic irrigation equipment.
International Association For Colon Hydrotherapy
Referrals, information, schools, membership information, recommended equipment manufacturers.
Kristina Amelong
Offers colon therapy information, supplies, and consultations.
S.A. Wilson's Therapy Blend
offers organic coffee specifically blended and roasted for enema use. Also provides information and frequently asked questions about coffee enemas.
Shea, Sheila
offers colonic hydrotherapy and intestinal cleansing, as well as advice on diet.

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