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Emotional Freedom Technique (9) Rife (6)
Esoteric (6) Sound (31)
Practitioners (115) Therapeutic Touch (5)
Pranic Healing (18)
Kofutu Personal Development
Kofutu symbols allow individuals to access their inner resources in order to accelerate growth, discovery and healing.
Medicine of the Light
Gaetano Conforto describes the relationship between spirit-mind-body and healing with the help of quantum physics. Multilingual site based in Italy.
Midas Health
Elliot Diamond provides techniques and workshops for energetic self-empowerment. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Natural Force Healing
Kenneth and Lisa Davis offer energetic vibrational therapy and seminars for practitioners. Ridgewood, New Jersey.
Original Wave
Healing sessions, workshops and seminars in Cell Regeneration with Madalyn Suozzo. San Anselmo, California.
Quantum-Touch Energy Healing
Breathing and body awareness exercises help focus and amplify life-force energy. Workshops available.
Quantum-Touch Energy Healing
offers books and workshops for a hands-on or distant healing method.
Relational Energy Healing
Dean Ramsden offers healing through the energetics of transformation. Teacher training available.
School for Self-Healing
Courses in the Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method which combines massage, movement therapy, visualization, and breathing exercises. San Francisco, California.
School of Medical Intuitive Mastery
Dedicated to developing intuitive abilities to perceive and heal human energy fields and human anatomy. Sedona, Arizona.
Self Help Recovery
Charles Barbarow has developed a recovery system that heals emotional wounds, increases cognitive ability and accelerates the process of recovery.
Skincare by HealioHealth
Skin Care : Dermatologist made: Anti Aging Skin Solutions, Skin Cleansers, Astringents, Hand and Body Lotions, Facial Masks and Body Scrubs.
Anthousa Helena offers light energy medicine, therapeutic sessions, training and remote healing. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
SPARK in the Park
Annual energy work healing event in New York City parks during the week of 9/11. Maintained by September Space.
Spiritual & Energy Distance Healing and Counseling given by Master Alchemical Healer
Diane Radha Sivani is a Master Alchemical Spiritual Healer. By skillfully combining unconditional love, shamanism, energy healing and alchemy, physical, psychological and spiritual healing may be realized.
Spiritual Human Yoga - Holland
Courses in Human and Universal Energy developed by Vietnamese Master Luong Minh Dang. Multilingual site. World headquarters in Saint Louis, Missouri.
Spiritual Touch Training
Melinda Anderson teaches hands-on healing in Newport Beach, California.
Stillpoint School of Advanced Energy Healing
Meredith Young-Sowers offers training in energy healing. Walpole, New Hampshire.
Tachyon Institute for Spirituality and Science
Tachyon Trainer workshops worldwide, Tachyonization process invented by David Wagner. Multilingual site. Based in Santa Rosa, California.
Center founded by Artimia Arian offers courses to connect to the higher self in Tepoztl?n, Mexico. Multilingual site.

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